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Holistic and all-round development is only possible if the students are provided with opportunities to explore their talents and skills. At CNS, these opportunities are provided in the form of Hobby clubs, after school activities, inter house competitions, interschool competitions, celebration of important days, debates, elocutions, MUNs etc.

Students of CNS have enrolled for many academic, cultural competitions and graded exams too.

• Speech & Drama with Trinity College, London

• Dance Forms – Classical and Contemporary Forms

• Spelling Bee

• Robotics

• Digital Proficiency

• Financial Literacy

• Music Vocal and Instrumental (Indian & Western)

• Math/Physics Olympiads

• Language Enhancement

• Language Acquisition

• Fine Arts- Elementary and Intermediate exams


• Homi Bhabha Science exams

• SOF Olympiad

• French Spelling Bee

• Interact Club

• Language Acquisition

• EUMIND Exchange programme